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The Stories

“When i grew up, I was alone. I had to be my own parent. I had to learn to trust my instincts. My father was there but he got into drinking. I have a brother but he was only 13 when my Mum died, so he was barely a teenager. He was in a really bad place himself so he did his own thing. I had to find my own way to cope…”
“I think I have the fantasy of one day going to a park, picking up a book, and actually being able to sit down and read it. I think that could be a symbol that everything is going fine. Because of my mental state I feel that it’s really hard to focus on anything…”
“Then I started seeing my body not as something that I have to suffer with but as my vehicle that’s taking me places. If I don’t take care of it, I’m not going to be able to enjoy this experience called life for as long as I want to…”

The Podcast

Miran Možina is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and the director of the Sigmund Freud University in Ljubljana. In this conversation he shares how a childhood which lacked vulnerable communication led to his life as a psychotherapist. He talks about how he uses the subconscious mind in therapy sessions and how we can all benefit from letting go and trusting what lies beyond our conscious mind. 
At 22 years old, Dijana’s already represented her country for karate in international championships, she’s lived and travelled in Asia for one year, she did a 5000km road trip by moped and another 10000km by hitchhiking… she’s done a lot. In this episode she discusses where her inspiration comes from, why she’s studying to become a lawyer, and how she learnt to trust the path ahead.
Does the world have a relationship crisis? Is it possible to be permanently happy? Does language trap us? Maruti was born and raised in India. He spent fourteen years learning from a teacher who taught him all about our true nature as humans and how to experience direct happiness. On this philosophical episode we discuss some of the questions above. 

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