“Two years ago I started questioning my gender identity. It took some time to realise what was happening. At first I was really scared. I didn’t want to tell anyone, I didn’t want to tell my mother, I really didn’t want to go through it…

But eventually it started to suffocate me. I couldn’t continue life living like I was. I had to make a choice for me, regardless of whether my family would accept it or not.

At first it was really hard for my mother. She stopped talking to me for a few days. She thought it was her fault, and thought she didn’t raise me right.

After some time she became more open to it, or at least open to searching about it. She really didn’t understand what I was going through. So I told her to do some research, to find out a few things, and then ask me about anything she’d like to know.

She’s become much more accepting.

The step to come out publicly and socially is probably the most difficult one. I was treated for eighteen years of my life with one name and female pronouns. It was a weird adaptation even for me.

And choosing your own name – that was really weird for me!

I was really scared but if I had known how people were going to react, I would have probably come out before.”

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