I don’t know what I want from the future. I think most 20-25 year olds struggle with that. When I was eighteen I didn’t give a fuck. I had my whole life in front of me. Nowadays, there’s a lot of pressure to have your shit sorted and become fully independent. Right now, I still rely on my parents. I’m studying, I don’t have a job.

When you have so many options, you really don’t know what to do. You’re afraid you’re going to pick the wrong one. There’s a whole new issue with mental health coming up, and it’s a taboo issue still. I think everyone should have some kind of mandatory psychologist to help you out. You can go to the doctor and tell him you have herpes and he sorts you out. He tells you that he has had many cases of people with herpes and that you’re just a number to him, and that kind of makes you feel better. This is the same. Imagine if you could have a therapist for everyone who you could talk to about mental health…


I like history. It’s fascinating because it’s all the things that happened until right now. I started watching YouTube videos, playing historical games and watching historical movies. It’s fascinating that it all transitions. The ancient areas didn’t just end. It ended because something happened and society changed. The same thing is happening right now.

I tried to study history, but when I opened the book I just lost all interest. It was when I closed the book and decided not to do the test that I got my interest back. So I think you shouldn’t do what you love, not for me at least. Instead I’m studying Computer Science, I’m doing okay. I failed one year. I like it, but the moment I get out of the loop, if I miss a day or two, I just fall out of it and lose all interest.

People who don’t have choices, don’t have the problem of what to choose.

Sometimes the happiest people are probably the poorest ones. Of course they need to have their basic needs covered, but otherwise there’s not as much to worry about. The more you have the more you want.

In a way, happiness is just one-upping the thing you just did. I enjoy going for a random coffee with somebody from England so much that I do it every day, and then it becomes boring and I’m not happy doing it anymore. So then I choose someone from the Netherlands. Once I’ve gone for coffee with somebody from every country, then what? Do I get a beer next?

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