“I started journaling a year ago. My goal was to start observing myself and focus on self-improvement. This started because of a rough break-up. We were together for three years and then I spent the next two years trying to get over it.

I am trying to be happy and find myself again. I lost everything after this relationship. The apartment we were living in together. Even my own identity.

The worst part was after the break-up when I found out about all the lying and cheating.

But you don’t need to be sorry for me. It was a good experience! Yes, my world collapsed, but after that, I was able to rebuild it. When you lose everything you realize that you don’t have anything left to lose and in a way you become braver. You take risks. I went and traveled alone and have met a lot of new people.

Now I am happy being single and I have stopped searching for an ideal partnership.”

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