I spent three months in Nürnberg as part of my Erasmus exchange. I felt like me again when I was living there. In the summer before I left, I broke up with the person who I had spent four years of my life with. We had been living together here in Ljubljana we had everything planned out. So it was really difficult when we broke up.

Before leaving Ljubljana I felt confused and scared, but I knew that the exchange is something I had to do. After four years of living one particular life, I was in a way forced to go and recreate a new one. When I came to Nürnberg I started to felt really relaxed and at peace with myself.

When I first came back to Ljubljana at the end of December I felt really motivated. I am writing my Master’s degree about animal music, which is the perfect topic for me. So I worked a lot also in January and I was practicing my German. Yet after one month, I look back and realise that I didn’t do that much! Maybe I have to be more organised. Or focus more. I’m a little scared of going back into my old mood and I still have to fight with myself sometimes…

For me the most important thing in life is to have basic empathy towards others and to be more aware of what’s going on with the planet and what we are doing to other animals… If I could choose, animal activism would be my full time job. But sometimes I feel like we’re already fucked. I don’t won’t to sound pessimistic, but sometimes I find comfort in thinking that the human race will probably be dead in fifty years, and our planet and some of the animal species can continue their lives without us.

I think society tells women to find somebody to feel secure with. I’d like to be with somebody who I connect with intellectually, spiritually and intimately. With somebody who I can work with and be creative with, somebody who we can feel relaxed and calm around each other. Somebody who it feels great to be who you are around.

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