“We learn how to love and how we perceive love at very young age. It needs a lot of work to break free from these patterns. It becomes very problematic if your parents rejected you as a child, and you mix this with the feeling of love. This is when you need to find loving support inside yourself. The truth is that self-love comes first, and if you are searching for it externally, you will end up empty-handed. When you find love inside, you also find it outside for free, without weight and negative bonds.

When I stopped torturing and accusing myself for the things I have done, even though they came from my best intentions, I gave myself support I needed and I’ve been able to move forward. You begin respecting your body, and finding pleasure in every moment. This river, the sunshine, to know how to enjoy your own touch, the sensual experience while tasting a cake, seeing a beautiful flower, these are all beautiful things in life, and when you can see this, all becomes one true love.”

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