When I chose to study International Relations in Slovenia I didn’t realise that it would all be in Slovenian! I didn’t even think that I should ask about the language. It was International Relations, and Slovenia is a European country, so I assumed it would be in English.

I’ve tried to get used to the language. Everybody in my university speaks Slovenian and I was afraid of communicating with them in it. I started talking English to everybody. That means that now, whenever people see me, they begin talking in English. This was the mistake I made, because now I’m unable to improve my language.

When I started I realised it was too hard for me. I almost got depressed because all my grades were terrible and I failed so many exams…


Since then, I’ve learned that I shouldn’t be scared of anything. When you quit something because you’re scared or you think you can’t do it, you’re just delaying learning that skill. In the end you have to learn it.

There was one exam which I took 5 or 6 times and failed every time. As I studied, I underlined every single word I didn’t understand. On the first page, there were maybe just five words that I understood. On the second, there were maybe seven words I understood. With every page the number of words I understood increased. I discovered that there were only a number of words that are really important to understand, and when I learned these words, they help me to understand almost the entire subject.

I’ve failed a lot and had to retake so many exams but I said to myself that it doesn’t matter how long it takes. I learned so many things from my failures. So many people ask me why I continue if I keep failing, but I’m just going straight. I’m really stubborn and until I get what I want I never quit!

My father taught me that education is more than just reading books.

You cannot learn anything just from reading books, you have to read the world.

He told me to see as much as I can. I just want to live a normal life as a normal person. That means having a good job, not suffering financially and have the chance to travel and see what’s going on around the world.

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