“A few years ago I felt really stuck. I was sad and felt kinda depressed all the time. I’d just go to my room and draw and that would make me feel a lot better. That’s kinda how I get through bad things, it’s always been my escape. I’m not sure how other people deal with it.

I’ve always liked to draw, since I was little. It’s part of my identity. It’s always been my thing and I always wanted to do something with it.

I worked almost ten years in my old job. It wasn’t a bad place to work, but I was getting so comfortable and I wasn’t drawing. There were months and months when I wouldn’t draw and I felt like crap.

I wasn’t experiencing as much as I wanted to experience, I wasn’t travelling as much as I wanted to travel, so I felt really stuck. I had responsibilities and fear of the unknown. I had a house, I had a mortgage, a dog, a stable relationship, I even had my 401k. I was an adult! But I decided to quit, and that was the turning point…”

Vivian works as a freelance illustrator and lives in Slovenia. Listen to what happened after she quit her old job and decided to travel:

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