I’ve always liked doing a lot of things but I’ve never known which one I like the most. So I figured it’s better to do everything, that way I can decide what I like and don’t like, right? 

I studied Czech and Russian and went for an exchange in Prague. I liked it so much there that I decided to stay. I’ve been living in Prague for three years now. I guess I knew straight away I wanted to stay. I felt a really nice vibe and had the strange feeling of ‘I think I have things to do here’.

You should just do things and say ‘yes’ more. Wing it and figure it out later. I’m good at improvising. I was into theatre and did a few years of improv classes. This really really helps because during impro you have to work with whatever’s thrown at you. You literally have one second to do something with it. Your mind starts to work fast and you’re more creative and I guess that makes it easier to solve problems and adapt to things in life too…


My parents came to Slovenia from Belarus looking for a better life. We came here as refugees when I was six or seven and stayed in social centres. I guess it’s made it easier for me to move to places, and adapt or switch friends.

I feel pressure from other people to get my life together. I’ve been postponing finishing my bachelors degree for ages. It’s not that I don’t like learning, I love learning, I always like to learn something new. But I don’t feel I need a degree to prove it.

You have to do your own thing and keep in mind that as long as you’re happy with it, it’s probably right.

I am struggling to pick the specific things I should be interested in. I have trouble closing in on the things that are important because I have a limited amount of time to do all these amazing things.

Pure freedom is almost kind of scary. You have all these things you can do and it’s overwhelming to have so many possibilities.

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