My father died when I was 22. It was such a bad thing that happened and it really made me think. It gave me one of the ‘aha’ moments in my life which changed my life completely. I realised that if I continued living the same lifestyle that I had been before, I would probably die in the same way. He had colon cancer and until that point I lived just like him.

I was very overweight, I ate very few vegetables, but after he died I decided to change this. I started running with my brother. When I first started, I could run two kilometres in half an hour… people literally walk faster than that! But half a year later I did a 10k race in an hour and a half. And two years later that was only 1 hour. I lost 35kg without a special diet, just by changing my lifestyle and state of mind.

It was the first time I started to think about my body differently, not as a curse, but as a blessing. I had always been fat, and I’d always had a bad body image of myself. When I was in high school I was bullied a lot about my size and I’d never had a boyfriend. It was part of my identity. I was the fat one.

But then I started seeing my body not as something that I have to suffer with but as my vehicle that’s taking me places. If I don’t take care of it, I’m not going to be able to enjoy this experience called life for as long as I want to.


I’ve been an artist since I was little. My mother explained to me recently that when I was a kid I would never come to say ‘hi’ when somebody came to visit. Instead I would lock myself in my room for 5-10 minutes first. Then finally I’d come out and present the visitor with a drawing as a gift.

I gave up the idea of being an artist from the age of 11 onwards. For many years I never really thought about it again. I had been influenced by culture and other people who said that you could never survive as an artist. I never agreed with these sentences but they made their way inside of me somehow.

A few years ago, I went for a walk in a forest and asked myself a question: “If I could live financially securely, and live the life I want where would I be and what would I do?” I realised I would just paint all day.

So I just decided to do it. I started to understand that if I want to be an artist I have to give that title to myself. If anybody else gave it to me, it still wouldn’t feel good enough. I know some people who have a diploma in art and they tell me that they also don’t feel like an artist.

I realised the next difficult part was telling my mother. I was going to drop out of school and I expected that she would push me to finish the faculty. She wanted me to get my degree because everything should become easier when you’ve got one.

I went home, told her, and she really listened to me! I told her that I have this need inside of me to at least give it a try. I could always go back to school, but if I missed these years when I’m so passionate about my art, they might never happen again. She really surprised me by being okay with it…

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