You should always fart in your relationship. You should always be able to do that. That’s when I knew I was going to marry my husband. We got married on 4th February last year. We’re having fun with this title. It feels like you are taken seriously as a couple if you’re married. It’s now even more okay for us to flirt with other people because we’re married and it means something. I’ve really found freedom in it. In our place I’ve made this little place for me to dance. There’s a mirror and nobody lives below us, so I can really jump and I connect with this little girl inside of me. It feels like she’s really happy and I can talk to her again. Dancing brings me back when I’m stressed. It can help me to stop thinking and forget everything. It’s crazy because I’m super communicative but sometimes I feel really anxious with a group of people. I go so deep into me. When you’re anxious you can only think about yourself and what you’re doing. I have a way of dealing with this now. I go to the toilet and I dance a little bit. You just have to make a connection with your whole body again…  
It’s good to have friends who are a little bit weird. Because everyone is weird, but some people are trying not to be weird.

If somebody is trying to hold back their own weirdness, they’ll also hold back yours.

I lived in Syria for one year. That was life-changing. That’s when I realised what relativism is. From this experience I realised that we all have this one goal to be human, and we have different ways of fulfilling it. When a baby is born it’s this ‘stupid creature’. It can’t walk or talk or do anything by itself, so love is necessary. Love is literally something that we wouldn’t survive without. Syria taught me how big the world is and this idea of what’s normal and what’s not. Syria taught me that nothing is as it seems. It taught me that nothing’s true. There’s not one truth or thing that can make us happy. We should realise that wherever someone is and whatever they’re doing they’re trying the best they can.

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