I started working as a nurse about a year ago and it wasn’t exactly how I thought it would be. When you’re a young nurse you don’t have much experience yet, and yet you care a lot! In the beginning there were many times I couldn’t sleep at night. I’d finish a twelve hour shift really tired and burnt out and then come home and dream about my patients and work… 

I work in intensive care, so there are a lot of people who are terminally ill and dying. Many of them can’t eat for themselves, they can’t turn in their bed, you’ve got to take care of everything. Sometimes, I like to sing to them. It’s just a crazy little thing I do. They may open their eyes as I sing, but often there’s no response at all.

It’s interesting, you can feel the energy of people in comas. Sometimes you really connect with a patient, or sometimes you don’t feel like you connect. And it’s strange because you don’t really know anything about them because they’re in a coma.”

☕️ 131/500 ? Belgrade, Serbia

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I'm on a mission to get coffee with 500 strangers from all over the world. I want to speak to humans everywhere about their lives and how they experience the world. And cafes are the perfect place for this. Comfortable, cosy, illuminated with a cacophony of other human voices. 

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