“Social anxiety plays a big role in my life. I’m quite a perfectionist. My thoughts are so perfect, but when I try to communicate them I’m disappointed. I’m coping better than I used to. I’m not as anxious as I was before. But somehow it feels like I’ve missed out on opportunities to know people, to go to new places, and to do some crazy stuff! On the other hand, I think it’s time for that now. It’s never too late!

I met boyfriend on Tinder. Although that’s not something I’m proud of. A friend told me about Tinder and I figured I’d create an account to mess around and meet people. I used to talk to some people on Tinder, but I never had the courage to actually go and meet them. I used to question it a lot and gave myself a million reasons why I shouldn’t go. But with my boyfriend it was so natural…

He was really chilled. On our first date he cooked for me and it just felt really natural. I didn’t feel the need to give a good first impression or be fake at all. I realised I could just be myself. I felt instantly comfortable around him. On our first date we spoke about insecurities and stuff like that. I told him about my anxiety too and he was so cool with it all. 

Growing up, I didn’t used to have the courage to introduce myself and make new friends. Although I really wanted to! I wanted to be the cool kid. I had all these hopes and ideas of who I wanted to be. It felt like I didn’t know how to be a good friend. I had to figure what I should and shouldn’t do. What I should and shouldn’t say. Who I should and shouldn’t be. I didn’t really do anything without thinking about it a lot first.”


☕️ 122/500 ? Cluj, Romania

About 500 Coffees ☕️

I'm on a mission to get coffee with 500 strangers from all over the world. I want to speak to humans everywhere about their lives and how they experience the world. And cafes are the perfect place for this. Comfortable, cosy, illuminated with a cacophony of other human voices. 

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