As a girl in your mid-twenties, you see people getting married, getting promotions, getting engaged and buying a house. And it’s a lot of pressure. If you stay in one place your entire life that’s a very easy thing to do. Boy meets girl, girl meets boy, high school, roll the credits… that’s it. If you don’t do it like that, it does leave you with a lot of anxiety.

I’ve lived in Hungary, the UK, the Netherlands and now here in Spain. For me, making friends is easy, but maintaining friendships is the hard part. Anything can trigger a conversation with someone new. Getting invited somewhere is easy. But to have an ongoing lasting relationship with someone even though they get on your nerves and you get on theirs. That’s not so easy. 

I always used to get on better with guys because it feels easier. When a guy says “F*** you!” it means “F*** you!”. Whereas if a girl says “Ohhh, I love your dress!” it also means “F*** you!”…

I’m settling down here in Valencia. It really is starting to become my home. Actually, saying “home” is very difficult. I still don’t really know what I’m referring to. It’s a very conscious decision to try and make this my home. 

I think I’m still trying to work on a lot of things. I’m not a patient person, and I realised I need to be patient because I don’t have a choice. I can be anxious about it as much as I want but life is still the way life is. It’s more about learning acceptance and patience and letting things go.

About 500 Coffees ☕️

I'm on a mission to get coffee with 500 strangers from all over the world. I want to speak to humans everywhere about their lives and how they experience the world. And cafes are the perfect place for this. Comfortable, cosy, illuminated with a cacophony of other human voices. 

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