Life’s quite a mess right now. I’m a father of ten children and I recently lost my job. I worked for twenty years in a translation agency, but recently twenty of us left the company. I have a huge family which means a lot of responsibility. I often think about it like the Titanic disaster. Losing my job was when the ship hit the iceberg and right now I’m in the ice-cold sea. I’m just waiting for the lifeboats to arrive.

I’ve been on benefits now for two months. There are people who are currently hiding envelopes with money for my family. They know we are in need. They are people from my church community. It shows me that people care for us and our well-being. I’m not so scared, and I’m religious so I find strength in God. It’s a stressful period, but it’s just a transition. 

We just have this life, and we need to live it. As I approach fifty, I’ve started to realise that I’m not so young anymore. I’m very grateful that I’m still quite a healthy person.


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