How do we feel about our age?

  • We feel good about our age in general, we may feel a little out of place when it comes to being the oldest/youngest at school or in a group of friends
  • Age equals experience

“It doesn’t matter how long you walk the planet but how you walk it”

  • Sometimes looking in the mirror makes us reflect on how different we feel now than we did when we were younger
  • Taking time to reflect on birthdays – looking back on what we have done so far or on the other hand looking forward to what we would still like to achieve in the future
  • Age is just a human-made number and it makes no sense to measure ourselves by it – however there are expectations connected to different ages

“We should measure life by days you spent being happy, helpful, doing meaningful things and not by years”

What changes with age?

  • We worry less as we get older
  • We recognise different things to be important
  • We tend to cherish little moments in life more
  • What surprises us most is realising that parents don’t know everything, that all humans have flaws, and suddenly the opinions of our parents become of the same value as those of our friends
  • As children we live in a moment, while as adults we moan about things that used to be meaningless, such as weather or similar everyday things. We complain about so many things children would not care about. We put people in boxes. Are children are in fact wiser than us?


How is age connected to wisdom?

  • We are wiser when we stop following what other people say and expect from us, when we don’t care what they think

“What makes us wise is being at peace with ourselves and with life itself”

  • We can be at peace either by thinking that everything is pointless so what we do doesn’t really matter, or measure everything by success instead of numbers
  • The wiser we are, the more we can deal with the person inside us


What advice would we give in connection with age?

“Everything before now is just a memory”

  • Talk more to old people as it puts things into perspective
  • To live is a verb for a reason

“I am a new person every day and able to do something meaningful”


But mainly:

Meet new humans and travel,

gather as many beautiful moments as possible

as you make your journey through life …



This event was hosted in Ljubljana Ziferblat – 20th October

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