The Event

Small groups, big conversation.

By now you’ve probably been alive long enough to realise that being a human is anything but easy. From the crazy myriad of emotions we feel on a daily basis to the huge pressure and expectations that guide our entire lives; being a human is complicated.


At the How To Be Human events we get the conversation started about this experience of being human. This isn’t a workshop or lecture but a chance to open up and talk about what being a human is really like.



“Thank you! I felt profoundly connected to the group and loved the facilitator’s ability to create empathy with everyone. I really appreciate you creating a safe space for sharing and connecting.”

“It is certainly unusual to discuss such a deep topic as being human with a group of people you’ve just met. But it felt like starting anew along with people who were worth being discovered individually. I found out that every attendee’s learning, emotional baggage and overall life path is unique and so I could see myself reflect on their visions and ideas of being human.”

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