We’re humans just like you. We’ve got our own interests, personalities, dreams and hopes. We’re not going to compromise any of your values! Here are some important ‘legal stuff’ about how we’ll use any data that we collect from you:

  • We will tell you if we are collecting any of your ‘data’
  • Any data collected will be used to help the communication with you. We are about sharing human stories and if possible we’ll try to customise what you see from us so that it’s as relevant and as useful for you as we can make it.
  • We will not sell your data nor pass it onto any third parties (that’s just douchey)
  • We won’t collect any data without your consent (that’s also douchey)
  • Your data is collected by How To Be Human which is currently operated by Thomas Stephen Norman S.P.
  • If required, we can provide you access to any data held about you.
Privacy Policy