How To Be Human?

The 7.6 billion person question
There are 7.6 billion of us now.

7.6 billion of us who find ourselves on this giant spinning orb for a while.

7.6 billion of us who are experiencing a life just as complex and intense as your own.

7.6 billion of us who sometimes feel alone, and broken, and unable to cope.

And there are 7.6 billion of us trying to figure out why.

How To Be Human is a mission to speak to as many people as possible about this experience of being human. It’s a quest to explore our humanness, one conversation at a time. 

Through events, conversations over coffee, a weekly podcast and a Facebook community, we’re in search of what really lies at the heart of being human.

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About Tom Norman

I was a very shy kid. I didn’t have much self-confidence and spent most of my time on the edge of social interactions looking in. I used to observe a lot. I watched how everyone around me was interacting and I used to let my imagination run wild with how their lives must be.

Fast-forward twenty years and I guess I’m doing the same. I’m far less shy, but still spend most of my time wondering about the way other people are experiencing the world. This project feels like the most natural thing I’ve ever created, and feels like something I’ve already been doing unknowingly my entire life.

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